Chinese Dumplings (Jiaozi Gow gee or Gyoza)

China has been perfecting the art of dumpling making since the Sung dynasty. Chinese dumplings may be round or crescent-shaped, boiled or pan-fried.

These crescent shaped dumplings with pleated edges are normally filled with meat or vegetables, although you’ll occasionally find recipes calling for more unusual ingredients such as shrimp and even winter melon.

The filling ingredients are enclosed in a flour and water dough that is thicker than a wonton wrapper.

The Japanese version is called Gyoza, and as with the Cantonese version known as Gow Gee it is usually cooked by steaming then deep-frying instead of boiling.

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The dragon, symbol of divine protection

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Our Teashop and Dining Room

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Warm and inviting, friendly, affordable and efficient, our simple menu reflects traditional mandarin dishes from China cooked as people would prepare it at home. Also a selection from Japan, Thailand and around Asia. True, original and authentic tastes of Asia … Dimsum, Chinese Hotpot, hand-made Chinese Dumplings, and ‘Cloud and Mist’ which is one of the finest China Teas … noodle and rice dishes, and soups – all freshly cooked to your order.

Party time in the Great Wall Dining Room

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